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More Visibility For Your Brand ​with Trusted Media Mentors

About The Platform

Media mentors brings trusted mentors to the stage to share their ​visions, brands, and journey with the media mentors family. ​Founded by Media Influencer and Visionary @StackPack, the ​community fosters a supportive and positive ecosystem.

When you join the media mentors family you’re entering a safe ​space for creators, founders, and business owners to showcase ​their craft and learn from other mentors in their field of expertise.

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It’s all about ​Community.

Media Mentors hosts daily audio rooms on ​Clubhouse bringing vetted media mentors to the ​stage to share their story and teach the community ​about their respective expertise.

Audio rooms on Clubhouse are hosted daily Monday ​thru Friday at 2:00 pm EST. Join the Media ​Mentorship family by simply showing up daily and ​adding value to the community.

To join the house simply visit the link below and get ​on the waitlist. A #MM moderator will approve your ​request upon review.

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Grow your ​reach, onboard ​new users, get ​more sales.

Multiple Live ​Sponsorship ​opportunites ​per event.

Evergreen ​placements

Daily Attendees

with over 1.5 - 2 ​hours average ​listening time for ​every live event ​participant





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Live Sponsorship + ​Evergreen

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Media Mentors


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Rejections & Redirections ​with EDMA Icon, VASSY

VASSY Joins the Media Mentors Family

VASSY, singer and songwriter of 17 platinum certified ​records joins Media Mentors live to discuss how ​Rejections are Redirections. Spending over 1.5 hours ​with Media Mentors, VASSY shared her journey in the ​music industry and provided key lessons for artists, ​creators, and entrepreneurs as they chase their ​authentic vision.






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Create Power Friendships

Q & A with Champ Co-Host of the My Expert Opinion

Legendary Co-host Champ from the My Expert ​Opinion Show joins the Media Mentors stage to ​discuss the importance of creating power ​friendships. Champ shares his personal journal with ​the live audience and how focusing on supporting ​others along the way and remaining true to yourself ​and the people around.






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Navigating The Metaverse ​With Charles Ace

Exploring the Metaverse with Innovator Charles Ace

Charles joins the Media Mentors stage to discuss the ​evolution of Metaverse. He shares his personal ​journey as a Metaverse creator. He also shares his ​journey in The Great American Speak Off and how he ​used the Metaverse to honor the memory of his loved ​one.






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Over 220 Episodes - Your Trusted Solution

This captivating mini audio series podcast, powered by The Media Mentors, features amazing guests from ​all walks of life. They empower individuals, musicians, producers, artists, and motivational speakers to ​thrive on various platforms and social media. Combining the power of technology and human creativity, ​they provide invaluable insights, strategies, and inspiration for personal and professional growth.

Our Process

Se​lect a Package Below

Ch​oose Between One-Time or Monthly Packages

Each plan is tailored to support your business. Whether you ​need a timely campaign to support an upcoming launch or ​ongoing promotions to build momentum and visibility over ​time our team can help you meet your campaign objectives ​wi​th ease.

Onboarding Details

Tell Us About Your Campaign Ob​jectives

After checkout we’ll direct you via email to our onboarding ​requirements and schedule our initial collaboration call to ​discuss the details of your campaig​n.

Ca​mpaign Delivery

We​ Execute Your Campaign Delivery

Whether you select the Mentor or Mogul plan our team ​convers the end to end delivery of your campaign from ​creative, write-ups, promotions, and campaign summary. All ​yo​u have to do is show up!

Choose a plan that suits

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Grow your business with visibility with ​our media mentorship campaign. ​Designed to help you build momentum ​during prelaunch or reactive your ​brand’s online presence.

  • 1 Live Interview In Media Mentors
  • Podcast Placement on iHeart Radio
  • Podcast Placement of Spotify
  • 1 Magazine Feature
  • Event Collab Post on Media Mentors ​Network



Keep your business relevant on social ​with an affordably monthly plan

  • 3 Live Room Sponsorships per ​month
  • Social collaboration with up to 3 ​network partners or collaboration ​accounts
  • 1 monthly PR Feature

MAnagement plans ​available upon request

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